Getting Started the Right Way in Internet Marketing (part 9)

The previous article in this series was about on-page SEO (Search
Engine Optimization). This article will focus on the other
aspect of SEO, namely off-page SEO. Combining these two aspects
of SEO will almost guarantee a high ranking in the search engines
for your web page. 

Off-page SEO is highly dependent upon one thing - links from
other websites to your web page. Generally, the more links you
get, the higher your search engine ranking. But there are
several conditions to that. These conditions mostly revolve
around one main characteristic - the natural appearance of these

What do the search engines consider naturally appearing links? 

Here are three criteria: 

1. They must be from different IP addresses 
2. They must have varied anchor texts 
3. They must appear gradually over time. 

So the most important thing to do to increase the ranking of a
web page would be to create links back to it that fulfill these
three criteria. Here's how to do it. 

To make backlinks come from various IP addresses, post links to
different websites that are of the same topic or niche as your
web page. One good way to do that would be to search on Google
for the main keyword of your niche + blogs or + forums or + news
etc. For example, if your web page is on keeping betta fish,
search for Betta fish keeping blog or Betta fish keeping forum. 
Then visit the websites that are listed in the first and second
results page and look for places you could leave a comment, ask a
question or post an entry. Usually blogs, forums and news
portals allow you to leave your name, email and website with your
comment. By inserting your website URL, you will gain a backlink
from that blog or forum to your web page or website. 

Another thing to do is to create these websites yourself. Search
engines have high regard for certain web 2.0 properties like
Squidoo, Hubpages Wetpaint, Weebly, LiveJournal etc. Likewise,
they also rank certain social bookmarking sites very highly, like
Digg, Delicious, Technorati, Stumbleupon and so on. By creating
your own websites on these web 2.0 properties and leaving entries
on these social bookmarking sites, you will be getting backlinks
from varied IP addresses. However, you must abide by the rules
of these web 2.0 properties because most of them frown upon too
many backlinks in one website you create and you might find your
website suspended. 

One more thing most people do to create backlinks from various IP
addresses is to write articles and post them in different article
directories. The top article directories that the search engines
favor are EzineArticles, GoArticles, Articlesbase and Buzzle. 

Next, you need to vary your anchor texts. The best anchor text
would be the one containing the keyword you are trying to rank
for. Suppose you want to have your web page appear on page one
of Google for the term 'Betta fish diseases' then you would use
the this term to hyperlink back to your web page. But if this is
overdone and there are no other anchor texts used, this throws up
a red flag to the search engines. So vary anchor texts by
including some generic ones like 'Click Here'. 

Finally, create these links over time. If a few hundred
backlinks are done all of a sudden, it does not appear natural. 
But building links over time will result in a gradual increase in
search engine rankings for your web page or website.

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