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Getting Started the Right Way in Internet Marketing (part 7)

It is said that traffic is the lifeblood of your business in
Internet Marketing. And that is true. Every Internet marketer
could do with more traffic. As covered in the last two parts of
this series, there are paid methods and there are free methods to
generate traffic. The basic difference between them is that paid
methods generally produce faster and more targeted results
whereas free methods tend to produce slower results and sometimes
less targeted ones. So the key to using free methods effectively
is to make them as targeted as possible. 

That is where your keyword research comes in. Remember the long
tail keywords you have compiled in the previous parts of this
series? These long tail keywords ensure that only people
searching for those particular things are going to click on your
links. That brings up the most important essence of all free
traffic generations methods - Links. 

All free generation methods can be boiled down to one basic
activity - putting links in strategic websites. The more links
you have in these strategic websites pointing back to your
website, the better it is. This is what Internet marketers call
'link juice' or 'link love'. When the search engines find a link
on another website pointing to yours, it counts it as a 'vote'
for your website, indicating that your website is important in
the eyes of the other website. The more links (or 'votes') you
get from other websites, the more important your website is and
the higher it ranks in the search engines. The ultimate aim of
all free traffic generation methods is to get your website ranked
number one (the first listed website on page One of the SERP) or
at least be listed on the first page of the SERP for any
particular keyword. 

But there is a word of caution. The search engines frown upon a
website that gets a huge surge of links pointing to itself all of
a sudden (like a hundred in a day). The reason is that it does
not appear natural. There are certain legitimate occasions when
this might happen, for example a big media event that highlights
one website and every news portal, fan's website and social media
site points to it all on the same day. In such a case, the
search engines will push that website on to page One for a few
days and then when the buzz over that website dies down (and no
new links are pointing to it), then it is removed from page One. 
That is not what you'd like to see happening to your website. 

To avoid that, you need to build up the number of links pointing
to your website naturally. 'Naturally' to the search engines
means two things - a gradual buildup of links over time and links
using different anchor texts pointing to your site. Of course it
is still important to use your long tail keyword as the anchor
text but you should also drop links with other related terms
about 30% of the time. For instance, if your long tail keyword
is 'fast treatment for head lice', then related terms may be
'head lice cure', 'treating head lice' or 'head lice remedy'. 
You may even use very general terms like 'click here' or the raw
URL of your website. 

In terms of how to drop links, there are literally hundreds of
ways. And that will be the topic of the next article.


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