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Getting Started in Internet Marketing (part 4)

Now that you have got a product, the next logical step would be
to sell it. Here's where many newbie Internet marketers get it

The biggest mistake you can make is to set up a website, write
about your ebook on the website and expect people to visit your
website in droves and buy your ebook. It does not work that way.
In other words, if you think you can 'create it and they will
come', you are mistaken. Even with targeted keywords, great
website design and a killer product, hardly anyone will find your
website if you do not promote it. 

So there are a few more steps to take before you will see your
first sale. 

Firstly, you need to design your website. In the past, you could
get by with a simple two page website - a sales letter and a
thank you or download page. As recently as 4 years ago, such
simple websites would still get ranked by Google. Actually 4
years is a long time in Internet marketing and a lot has happened
since then. The most significant development was the Google

The Google Slap is the term used to mean that Google now wants
your website to contain quality content and not just a sales
pitch. These days, if you just put up a 2 page website without
good content, Google will not rank it well. In other words, you
will find your website in page 1,245 in Google's search results
or something like that. 

So when you design your website, you have to make sure that it
has more than just a sales page. There are many ways to design a
website and each person has his or her own preference. A good
practice would be to make your website have at least 8 pages - a
home page, a sales page, a blog, a thank you or download page, a
privacy policy, a disclaimer (especially if your product is
connected with making money), a contact page and an about us

Briefly, a home page would contain a welcome message and an
introduction to your website. It should also contain an opt-in
box where you collect the names and emails of visitors so that
you can build your list. To incentivize visitors to give you
their names and emails, you need to provide a freebie like a
short report, video, audio or a newsletter. Make your freebie
connected to your niche topic. 

A blog would contain the latest news in your niche, interesting
articles or your personal teaching on your niche. Many Internet
marketers and webmasters put their blog in a separate directory
on their website. That means the blog URL would be Alternatively, you could purchase
another domain with the same domain name but different extension
as your blog. Then you could link your blog to your main
website. This gives your main website added 'link juice' in
Google's eyes. 

'Link juice' is the term referring to how many links are pointing
to your website. The more links you have, the better it is for
your website. You need both external and internal links for your
website. External links are other websites linking to yours and
internal links are internal pages of your website that link to
each other. 

All the other pages of your website are self-explanatory. Once
you have your website up, the next thing you want to do is
promote it. That will be covered in the next article.


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