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What You Might Not Know About Traffic Ad Bar Plus What You Should Know πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

Have you heard of Traffic Ad Bar?
I started using it last year here and there. I posted anywhere from 2-5 ads whenever I got an email to remind me I was even a member.
I'd stop in once in awhile and saw I got about 10-20 hits to my websites and I was okay with that. I mean it was 10-20 hits, not zero right? Anything is better than nothing when you want people looking at your website.
However a couple months ago I was looking through my emails that I hadn't read in awhile to see what I could delete and do some inbox cleaning. I typically skip over a lot of email marketing subjects that don't look important to me or they are just offers trying to get me to buy their newest and latest work at home opportunity. 
I already run over 20 online businesses, so I'm not really in the business of adding more multiple streams of income to the amount that keeps me busy enough as it is. 
But it was a night that I was caught up with my online work, nothing was on TV, and I was really just kinda bored. So as I was going through my email, I saw one from Traffic Ad Bar and realized, I never actually read one of their emails even though I used it now and then.
I'm pretty sure the only time I even opened one was to confirm my email with them when I signed up to check it out.
As I was reading I realized there was a lot more to it than I had thought! It wasn't anything complicated, but just much more (a lot more) that I had not looked into. 
I already knew that traffic exchanges, safelists and other types of advertising platforms almost always had referral programs for either money or ad credits. And I do refer a lot of them that I think will benefit my team members or just anyone who does business. 

πŸ’¬Even if it doesn't benefit me I like to show people ways to make money online or advertise their business. πŸ™In many cases I don't even take the time to find my referral link to give them... I just want to be able to help people achieve online because for me personally, it benefits my life more than just the monetary aspect.🏑 get to stay home with my family, I can do more with friends and I don't have to do all the heavy lifting which was practically killing my physical health. Considering the type of job I had, it wasn't helping my mental health all that much either. πŸ˜±Some lower paying jobs don't have the best management and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say there are bosses out there that can really make people feel very small no matter how great of a worker they are. Either by their harsh words or their lack of words. πŸ˜ Many bosses think that motivating someone is to be be negative or overly critical rather than building their employees up with positive words and constructive criticism. πŸ’“Needless to say, I was tremendously happy when I started making enough online to get the heck out of that lifestyle. However, I miss the customers and a lot of people I worked with.

In any case, back to Traffic Ad Bar. It looks like any other traffic exchange until you take a deeper look.

Most traffic exchanges reward you with traffic to your website if you surf their advertising bar and look at the websites of other members. In a lot of them that's just all their is! 
But not with Traffic Ad Bar, because they actually advertise your website through an entire network of advertising sites.

Not just to other traffic exchanges which is great in itself, but they also advertise on other websites. When I say "other" websites, I mean an UNLIMITED amount of websites.

There are some amazing opportunities in this advertising exchange.



  • 100,000 FREE Points
  • Unlimited FREE Website Traffic
  • A FREE Advertising Profile
  • Automatic Search Engine Submission
  • FREE Advertising To All Their Members
  • FREE Advertising Through Our Network
  • Promotion And Branding For Yourself
  • Free Email Marketing
  • Make Money As A FREE Member
  • ++++ MORE!

So why limit your advertising when you can leverage the power of the internet and promote to promote your websites?


Seriously! Contact me if you want to know more about Traffic Ad Bar or just join and read it all. It's simple to understand. Take notes if it helps. I always have to take notes to remember things.

On another note...

Here is a free to join program and many people are making a living off of this site alone! 

Don't be fooled by it not looking all sparkly and fancy....

Anyone can have a site made of something that looks like pure gold and it be a flop or a scam.

This one is ran by an older gentleman (very much experienced ~ over 20 years in marketing) and a team of fantastic people!

They provide us all with free to join legitimate companies that start making us money quickly.

It is FILLED with tools and has businesses already pre-loaded (with autoresponders and messages) that YOU might already be in! You can use it free.

You can make more money if you're already in a business or many businesses... 

Or you can start making money just by joining as a free member! 



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