Getting Started the Right Way in Internet Marketing (part 3)

Now that you have identified your target market and gathered your
10 or so long tail keywords, it's time to create your product. 
Product creation may take you anywhere from one day to two weeks
so during this period, it is wise to put some other steps into
action also. Here are 2 things you should do simultaneously with
product creation. 

First, you should register a domain name. Go to or Choose one with your long tail keyword inside. If
the exact long tail keyword has already been taken, try adding
another word that makes it attractive, such as 'best', 'tips',
'online', 'center' etc. For example 'organic farming' can become

As for the extension to choose, go for a .com if possible. If
that has been taken for the domain name you want, take either a
.net or .org. The next best option other than these three would
be a .biz or .info. These are the common ones considered to be
search engine friendly. 

The reason why you should register a domain name now is that it
takes 24-48 hours to propagate, and you will only be able to
upload content into that domain after it has propagated. So by
registering a domain name while you work on product creation, you
save time. 

The second thing you should do while creating your product is
join relevant forums in your niche. Every niche has forums where
people interested in their niche hang out. To find these forums,
type the name of your niche followed by the word 'forum' (without
quotes) at the end into Google's search engine. So, for organic
farming, it would be 'organic farming forums'. Join at least 4

Joining a forum is easy. Just go to the sign up page and fill up
the required fields. Every forum allows you to insert a
signature. Here's where you should put your website URL with
some catchy statement. If your website has not been set up yet,
you can add your signature later. 

One feature to utilize in your signature is BB Codes. BB Codes
is like html. For your signature you only need to know 2 BB
Codes - the one for hyperlinking and the one for making your
words bold. To hyperlink your words to your website URL, the
opening BB Code is [url=] and the
closing BB Code is [/url]. For example, if you want to hyperlink
the sentence, 'Secret Tips to Organic Farming for Good Health',
type [url=]Secret Tips to Organic
Farming for Good Health[/url] in your signature column. Now
anyone who clicks on that sentence will be directed to your

And if you want to bold your words, just add the bold BB Codes
which are [b] and [/b] at the beginning and the end of the string
of code above. So it would appear like this -
[b][url=]Secret Tips to Organic Farming
for Good Health[/url][/b]. Most forums have BB Code on by
default. But check just in case. 

For more BB Codes, just Google it. 

It's important to join forums as soon as possible because it
takes time to build relationships. So post anything you want
into these forums everyday (take 30 minutes a day). If you
aren't very knowledgeable in that niche, just post intelligent
questions. The more posts you make, the better your standing in
the forum. The relationships you make in these forums will be
very valuable to you when your product is ready. 

Another important thing to do while at forums is to look for the
most frequently asked questions and most common problems faced by
the members in the forums. Take note of these because you want
to include these into your product. 

Now for product creation. The easiest way to create your product
is to go to Amazon and type in the main keyword for your niche. 
Amazon will probably produce a list of books on that topic. Find
one you like and look into the contents page. Copy the contents
page and re-write the chapter titles the best you can. Also
include the questions and problems that you found in the forums
into the chapters. 

The fastest way to produce your product is to outsource it. Go
to or and post a job for a researcher to
research the list of chapters you have compiled. This person
only has to cut and paste information from various sources
according to the chapters you give him. It should not take more
than 2 or 3 days. 

Once you get the research back, look for a writer to re-write the
research materials into an ebook of 80 to 100 pages in length. 
This should take no longer than a week. You can find good
writers from the Philippines who work at cheap rates. Be
prepared to pay about $100 for the researcher and $200 for the

So in about 10 days you should have your product ready. Now you
need a designer to design your ebook cover and website. What to
do from here onwards will be covered in the next article.

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