Getting Started the Right Way in Internet Marketing (part 10)

This is the final part of the series, 'Getting Started the Right
Way in Internet Marketing'. This article will focus on one very
important part of off-page SEO namely linking. 

The previous article was all about backlinking. The more
backlinks coming from reputable sites and blogs pointing to your
website the higher will be your site's search engine ranking. 
The coveted target is to get your website listed on the first
page of Google, preferably in the number 1 spot (it is said the
number 1 spot on Google for any keyword receives on average 41%
of all the traffic). 

Steady backlink building will gradually push your website up the
rankings. But there is a way to speed the process up. 

Do more than just build backlinks from reputable sites and blogs
pointing to your website. Make these reputable sites and blogs
point to each other also. Suppose you wish to target the
keyword, 'Betta fish diseases'. You can build web 2.0 properties
like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, Wordpress and Weebly sites with
articles containing the anchor text 'Betta fish diseases'
hyperlinked to point back to your website. 

To increase the 'link juice' of these links, have articles within
each web 2.0 property point to another web 2.0 property also. 
For instance, the Squidoo lens could have a link pointing to the
Weebly site (besides pointing back to your site). The Weebly
site (which also points back to your site) has a link pointing to
the Hubpages hub. Then the hub points to your website as well as
back to the Squidoo lens. This is called a link wheel. 

Each keyword you target should have its own link wheel with links
pointing back to the web page on your website where you have an
article with the targeted keyword as the title. Each web 2.0
property is like a spoke in the link wheel. And the more spokes
you have the more 'link juice' goes back to your website. 

The most powerful effect of the link wheel is that it connects
each of your web 2.0 properties with each other and each one back
to your website. Then when the search engine spider finds one of
these web 2.0 properties, it will be led to the next one and the
one after that and so on. Building link wheels is a powerful way
to boost your search engine rankings because the spiders find
your site easily with all the links leading it from one site to
another and eventually back to yours. 

That concludes the 10-part series on 'Getting Started the Right
Way in Internet Marketing'. Now all that is left is for you to
take action by applying each of the ten parts one by one.

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