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Getting Started the Right Way in Internet Marketing (part 1)

SEO, PPC, PPA, CPA, SERP, LSI, Google slap, sandbox, the list goes on. 

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing. It's
hardly a wonder that people suffer from information overload. If
you find yourself drowning in this labyrinth of paths leading you
in a thousand different directions, you need to realize that
success in Internet Marketing depends not on doing a lot of
things but only doing a few things right. 

The first thing you have to settle within yourself is whether you
are looking to build a business with Internet Marketing or merely
engage in it as a hobby. A business means that you intend to
make enough money through Internet Marketing to at least replace
your day job income. If it is a hobby then you are looking to
Internet Marketing as a part time activity to supply you with
some extra pocket money. This decision is the basis of
everything else you do because it determines the amount of time
and effort you put into it and also the actual structure of your
business or hobby. 

If you intend to make Internet Marketing merely a hobby, then you
do not need a website, a product, a list, any JV partners or
affiliates. You can do basic affiliate marketing by selling
other people's products. You need to sign up with an open
affiliate marketing website like Clickbank. An open affiliate
marketing system practiced by Clickbank is where you do not need
your own website and there is no application process to become an
affiliate. Without your own website you would not be able to be
an affiliate with closed affiliate systems like Commission
Junction (they have an application process that requires a

In Clickbank, there are thousands of products you can sign up as
an affiliate for. You will be given an affiliate link and all
you do is to get people to click on your link. You can do that
for free by setting up free websites on Web 2.0 platforms like
Squidoo or Hubpages or Blogging platforms like Wordpress or
Blogger. You can do a search on these and you will get their
websites where you can create your own website or blog. Yes, a
website set up this way is your own but you are limited in some
functionality because these are free websites hosted on the
platform's servers. Nevertheless, they are good enough to drive
traffic to your affiliate link. 

All you do is design your website or blog with some good content
related to the affiliate offer you are marketing and insert your
affiliate link into your content. Some web 2.0 platforms like
Hubpages have strict rules about the number of affiliate links
you can have in your content, so just make sure you abide by
their rules. 

Internet Marketing is a numbers game, so the more of such
websites and blogs you create to drive traffic to your affiliate
link, the better it is. Sooner or later, some people will click
on your links and if they buy the product that you recommend, you
get your commission from it. That's all there is to making some
spare cash through Internet Marketing. 

You may want to start your Internet marketing journey this way. 
But after sometime, if you want to progress further and do
Internet Marketing as a business, then it becomes another ball
game altogether! 


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