Blog Commenting Etiquette - Who Knew??

Most established bloggers will tell you there is a good way and a

bad way  blog commenting. 

There are some general rules that both the
blogger and the commenter should follow. If you're new to
blogging, new to commenting, or not getting what you expected
then read on. 

For Commenters: 

Of course always check to see if the blog owner has written
rules to go by.

Always use the blogger's name when you reply to their
article. That way they will know for sure you are a real person
and not a spammer or spambot.

Do not add any links to your comments. This is considered bad
unless the site owner has indicated that they don't mind. 

Most likely if you add your links in the body it will cause it to 
land in the spam folder regardless, so your post is pointless. 

Add value or don't even write anything. 
"Cool post, man! Thanks!" makes people look a little foolish
to the blogger most times. It also definitely makes you look
like you only want a follow back or attention to a link.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't leave sincerely nice posts to
encourage them and tell them what you got out of their article.

You know where it says to put your name? Please use your name.
My name is not - my name is Kelly. 

Be real! You're not a business you are a person.

Make sure your own blog has catchy titled posts. That way when
you comment on a site that uses certain plugins it will show
the title of your last post with a live link to it. The more
interesting the title, the more click-throughs you will get. 

This isn't necessary, but if you want to build a relationship
with the blog owner, tweet their post. Many blogs have this
button front and center and it's just a matter of pushing it.
Blessings come back to those who bless!

For Bloggers: 

Some may not agree, but you should answer all comments. If
someone has taken the time to read and answer with their
thoughts, the least you could do is respond. Why? Common
courtesy for one, and the fact that you will score points with
your readers. Don't think for one minute that the commenter won't
come back for another visit to see if you've responded. Everyone
likes to be acknowledged and you might make a new friend or
business partner. 

This one is going the extra mile - hop over to the other person's
site, read what they have to say, and leave a comment. You never
know what gems you might pick up along the way and you'll be
building some strong business relationships

One of the premises behind blogging is that it's a means of
conversing. That means you should welcome feedback on what you
wrote and expect some to disagree with you. Be polite and

It's your weblog, it's your rules, but play fair. Yes, you have
the right to hit the delete button if things get out of hand. 

Don't make it hard on your visitors. The more steps you make them
go through to leave a comment, the less eager they will be to do
so. Don't make them create a password and sign in to "speak" to
you. A simple captcha word or a "click here if you're not a
spammer" will suffice. 

Commenting on what others have blogged about has many benefits.
Your words can create a lasting impression, and if it's a good
impression you will get traffic. If you show yourself to be
knowledgeable on a subject, your new traffic will become return
readers and buyers. Being courteous to your readers helps build
relationships that turn into advantageous partnerships or
business opportunities

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