Try This Online Affiliate Marketing Money Making Hack Trick

There are many ways to earn money online but one of the simplest
ways is to use affiliate marketing. One of the big advantages of
affiliate marketing is that it is not necessary for a person to
own a unique product. The affiliate marketer can make money,
essentially a commission, by recommending and selling other
peoples' products. 

There are a number of different affiliate marketing strategies,
but here is a good specific strategy that is relatively simple
yet utilizes several current sophisticated features. The first
step is to pick a niche in which there are numerous information
products, such as ebooks, e-courses, or reports, available. A
good idea is to pick a popular niche of personal interest and
then to check the categories in the Marketplace of,
one of the top information product resources for affiliate
marketers. Select a few products in the niche to promote and
follow the steps to become an affiliate of each of the products
and to gain access to the author's affiliate tools, emails,
images, and banners. 

Next, use a keyword research tool, such as the highly regarded
tool offered freely by Google, to find some ideas for a website
domain name. Then, purchase a domain name from one of the many
domain name registrars and select an affordable web host that
allows easy installation of a Wordpress blog. 

The reason to use Wordpress is that Wordpress offers a huge
variety of themes and functionality, and the blog platform will
allow one to write interesting reviews and articles. 
Additionally, there are article directories and private label
article sources that offer good articles that can be freely
included on the blog site. 

Now, select an autoresponder system from among the numerous
reasonably priced autoresponders that are available. This step
will provide the system for creating a series of emails to be
sent to prospective customers and to allow follow up marketing to
those valuable prospects. 

Next, using the tools provided by the autoresponder company,
create an opt-in box that will enable the collection of email
addresses from prospective customers. Offer the customer a free
e-course or series of reports that will provide free and useful
information to the prospect. Research private label rights
ebooks in the chosen niche online and use one to create a
multi-part email series that can be loaded into the autoresponder
and sent to the prospect at regular intervals. The benefit of
this step is that in addition to getting the useful information
the prospect can also receive a short promotion about an
appropriate affiliate product that may interest them. 

If you want to get started with a free autoresponder,
here's a nice place to start. He also has TONS of Free 
advertising sources...

Lastly, open an account with Facebook and create a business page.
The business page should reflect the blog site's domain name. 
This Facebook page can then be used to offer bits of information,
advice, pictures, and fun personal notices. The page can also
direct the reader to the main blog site where larger articles and
product reviews can be found, along with the opt-in box and
affiliate product offers. 

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One of the great things about this specific affiliate marketing
strategy is that once the pieces are in place the strategy can be
easily repeated to create affiliate marketing opportunities in
other niches.


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