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How To Make Use Of Videos To Maximize Your Online Profits

Using videos to promote an online business has become an integral
part of Internet marketing over the last few years. But the way
you present your videos to your website visitors will make a big
difference as to how they respond to them, so it is important to
get some of the simple things right. 

There are three points that are worth bearing in mind when
preparing a video for publication on your website. They are: 

1. Make it pleasant to watch. 

No, you don't have to spend a fortune on setting up a studio. All
you need to do is to pay attention to the small variables that
can make a big difference to the quality of the video. 

For example, make sure that there is no background noise - or as
little noise as possible. Shut your windows, turn off your
television, shut the door of your room and turn off any noisy
appliances while making the video. 

Think about the lighting. If you are indoors, avoid glaring
lights, and minimize shadows. Take some trial shots and check
them out first. Then, adjust the lighting to suit your

For outdoor shots, don't have the sun either shining straight in
your face (unless you are playing a cool dude and wearing eye
shades). Also, don't have the sun shining into the camera. A
shady spot on a bright day makes good sense. 

2. Provide your viewers with a script. 

This is something most people neglect to do, but providing a
script of the video has several advantages. Firstly, if you use a
script it will help you to make a smoother presentation even if
you don't stick to it word for word. No one wants to have to sit
through a 5 minute video that consists mostly of humming and

A script will also prevent you from forgetting key details and
having to do a retake. 

You can also publish your script alongside your video, or offer
it as part of an upgrade package. 

3. Don't force people to watch your video. 

You might be tempted by the auto-play feature when you upload
your videos. Try to avoid this temptation because not everybody
who visits your website will want to watch your video. If they
click on your link and hear a video start to play automatically,
they will probably disappear very fast and not come back! 

Offer people the choice of watching the video or not. Add some
text that introduces what the video is about. Again, if you have
published a script, people will then be able to choose whether to
watch or read in order to get the information you are providing.
You might also want to think about offering an audio-only version
of your recording for those people who prefer to listen without

There are numerous ways that you can make online video much more
effective (and profitable); but offering a comfortable viewing
experience, with text and audio alternatives, without trying to
force visitors to view your video will make the overall
experience more attractive to your website visitors.

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