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Five Small Tips To Help Avoid Distractions When You Work At Home

1.) Create a “work schedule” and set your limits.
You might need a sign to hang on your home office door
that says do not disturb, or busy at work, or even just
have your hours written down outside the door to your offce,
bedroom, den, or wherever your workspace is.

Todays Work Schedule Example:
Working 9am to 11:30am
Free Time 11:30am to 1:30pm
Working 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Just make sure everyone knows you’re working and not to be disturbed.
It’s helpful to everyone if you can designate special times throughout
the day that are devoted to work and free time that is devoted to family,
household duties and running errands.

2.) Close extra pages and apps on your computer that aren't work related
such as facebook, twitter, chatrooms etc, unless you specifically are
placing an ad on facebook or expecting an important message, just keep
it closed. Email also. Most of us marketers need to check it regularily,
but set times to check it - because if you check it everytime you get a
notification it's very easy to get sidetracked and get yourself started on
something else rather than finish your first goal.
This also goes for other tabs/pages that you don't need open. If you're involved
in more than one business... keep only the one you are working on open.
If you get an idea about another project just quickly write it down and
open it up later. Stick to your plan of what needs done and don't skip around
or you'll find yourself getting nothing done with a lot of work.

3.) Turn your phone off. You can always set specific ringtones for important
calls or family emergencies. Set a specific time once per two hours or so to check
voice mail. But don't keep letting yourself get distracted everytime the phone rings.
Same goes for texts. Set times to check and times to follow up. Just stay on
task for your goal/goals of the day.

4.) If the television or music is a distraction to you, then keep it off. Sometimes
having a fan on helps block out external noise. You can even find white noise on
youtube and have it play in a separate tab or play it from your phone with earbuds
in to block out any noise that might be coming from outside or from family members.

5.) You should always plan ahead when possible. Having snacks or drinks close by,
any business tools you might need organized and ready to go. It's very good to have
a written list of goals that you can check off as you go. Sometimes if you follow
a list you might get done a lot sooner and have more time to enjoy your day...
or maybe get some extra work done like write an extra blog post or make a video.
In any case, having a list of "to-do's" will make your time and effort go much
more smoothly than trying to remember everything off the cuff, and getting yourself
lost and off track.

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