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Table Of Contents Foreword | Chapter 1: ​Solo Ad Basics | Chapter 2: The Benefits Of Solo Ads | Chapter 3: How To Use Solo Ads Correctly | Chapter 4: Making Money With Solo Ads |
Chapter 5: Building You List With Solo Ads | Chapter 6: What To Watch Out For

Solo ads are designed to basically promote a single ad to the subscribing list.
These solo ads are often sent to all sources connected to the original feed
with or without the recipients consent and can help bring you traffic.
Using Solo Ads For Traffic
Solo Ad Secrets

Chapter 1:
Solo Ad Basics
Many advertisers consider this style of ads to be more engaging and focused
when compared to other styles.

The Basics

The effectiveness of the solo ads if well designed is said to be able to hold the
recipient’s attention better than being bombarded with a variety of combined ads
all at once.

However the down side is that not all recipients are interested or keen on
receiving such ads and can even find it quite annoying as it is almost always

As the solo ads depend solely on the content and design, careful consideration
should be given as to the best tag lines and art works that are going to eventually
be part of the solo ad launched.

Several content styles should be drawn up before a suitable one is picked to
depict a particular product or theme.

This is what eventually contributes to the opportunities and financial success
of the product or service being advertised on the solo ad platform.

The solo ads are predominantly used as a tool to create leads and encourage
viewers to visit an intended website in order to gain more insight to the object
of the solo ad.

Thus the selling aspect of the whole exercise should be done at the website
level, whereby the ad is only used as an instrument to draw the traffic.

The solo ads are also designed to create a sense of urgency when it
comes to ensuring the desired revenue levels are met. Encouraging the
visitors to take immediate action would be the general intention of the solo ads.

Chapter 2:
The Benefits Of Solo Ads

As business owner who are interested in using the internet to increase the
traffic and revenue to their sites online, using the solo ads tool can be both
effective and beneficial.

The Benefits

As the solo ad is generally sent to a large number of people through a short
text ad using the email channels, the relevancy and focal point of the product
is immediately divulged to the recipient.

This is beneficial for those who really are pressed for time and also for those
with shorter attention spans. Another benefit of the solo ads tool would be that
the business owners have several options available when it comes to choosing
an appropriately huge audience platform and these can include Yahoo, MSN or

The benefits also include the convenience of not having to submit the ads one’s
self. The solo ads are designed and then sent to the commissioning partners who
take care of the listings themselves, which also contributes to the benefit of time

This time saving element can then be channeled toward enhancing the business
growth further.

Because the platforms used for launching the solo ads are unimaginably huge
the audience reached is definitely far more than any other tool available on the

However this does depend on the solo ads itself and its attracting capabilities
which should ideally bring about the benefit of encouraging viewers to make a

The benefit of ensuring links is created and used widely is the factor that is going
to direct traffic to the individual’s site. This then will also create the interest of
search engines which are constantly ranking sites posted.

Besides reaching the intended target groups, these solo ads will also be visible
on the group websites of those linked to the recipient mailing lists.

Chapter 3:
How To Use Solo Ads Correctly

Seemingly a lesser known form of generating revenue the solo ads tool is fast
gaining popularity for its effectiveness. However in order to effectively use this,
the solo ads must be positioned well.

The Workings

The general focus of the solo ads tool is in its ability to attract the attention of
the viewer without any other distractions. This is because of the designing
features that allows for the solo ad to be a standalone style which is sent to
the emails of individuals who have been specifically chosen to be on the
recipients’’ list.

Touted as being the most effective method of getting the viewers attention
without any distraction the solo ad can be effectively used to invite the recipient
to visit the site for further enquiries.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this tool, there is a need to focus the
advertising campaigns on those who are directly related to or interested in
the product or service being promoted.

Failing to consider this would only cause the exercise to be wasted as the
probability of encouraging interest where there is none is hardly worth the
effort or time.

For further effectiveness the solo ads should be full of value incentives to
the viewer as this would then work as an effective way of getting the viewer
to visit the actual site to make further enquiries or even convert it into a sale.

Tracking the results by monitoring the many clicks garnered and also the
possible leads is paramount in gauging the sales the solo ad
campaigns generates.

This is an effective way of helping to monitor the results and further provide
feedback as to the effectiveness of the design or content used when follow
up campaigns are being drawn up. This in turn would help to ensure the
relevant improvements are made for any follow up solo ads.

Chapter 4:
Making Money With Solo Ads

In the process of using solo ads for any business launch purpose there is
the potential to make money out of the exercise besides the obvious of
garnering sales.

The Cash

leads are built and there is a comfortable amount of emails on a niche catering
target list then the individual can start the trading, and ad swapping process.

This would then bring about the scenario where the original list has now grown
enormously thus bringing in the desired traffic which can also be converted into

In order to ensure there are interested visits to the site which can be converted
into revenue the solo ads must include onetime offers or other kinds of limited

This creates the opportunity for the visitor to capitalize on the offer and make
an immediate purchase. Because the solo ads ensures the viewer’s attention
is totally focused on the ad in question the there is a higher possibility the user
will make a purchase rather than browse any further.

Using the solo ads to create a heightened awareness of the company or
individual’s brand is also another way to effectively make money of this tool.
The professional image created with this kind of exposure will also be another
way to increase sales and drive traffic to the site.

With the first contact already establish with the use of the solo ad, the user
can then revisit the recipients to encourage a sale or to even create a dialog
to address any probable concerns the potential customer may have and thus
resulting in a positive sale.

If done with tact and without unnecessary intrusion the percentages of actually
closing a sale eventually are quite high. Evidence has shown that at the very
least revenue is earned at the click stage which in itself could be substantial.

Chapter 5:
Building You List With Solo Ads

Solo ads, in targeted newsletters likewise work, and they work really effectively
if you target the correctly.


Targeting an e-zine where you would like to put your advertisement would
be the first and most crucial step towards producing an effective campaign.
Picking out the e-zine where your ad will be placed means a little research
into the ones useable in your business sort.

Check into the ones that tell you they want your advertising business
however don't stop there.

If you wish the best bam for your buck, research a bit deeper.
Join a lot of them and discover if the material is fresh and the list is active
with responsive members to fresh content.

Pick out a bigger list, instead of one which has fewer members and one that's
geared towards your sort of advertisement.

This looks like it would be common sense but actually it isn't. I've personally
witnessed solo ads for Christian books on pagan metaphysical lists.

While it may be an amusing prank in somebody’s world, a few of them really
seemed to believe they were going to sell the books there.

Make certain the ad you place is effective in depicting your business or service.
Compose it, or if you can't, have it penned in such a way that it has a good title,
and will read like a story to anybody who's reading it.

Keywords strung together appear to be the trend of the day. Non-meaningful
sentences aren't going to catch and hold somebody’s attention.

Don't get caught up in the movement. If your article or story reads like 20
keywords being squeezed into a sentence for effect, individuals will notice
and react accordingly. That's to say, they'll skim right past the ad that makes
no sense and move to one that does.

Tell them how you got involved in net selling, how you learned marketing
skills and went from a nobody to somebody who's now consulted for bigger
sites and companies. Build up their interest in what you have to say in the
opening sentence and then hold it with your material.

The most beneficial advertising you may write likely doesn't have a key
word in it or won't sell any of the items you're selling. It will, all the same,
make individuals wish to talk with you more about your product and learn
what you understand about selling.

Make them click on that link and when they do, take them to a particular
portion of your site instead of the proper site. Utilizing whatever technology
you have to provide, make them feel welcomed first of all.

It's sort of like inviting a neighbor in for coffee. Make them feel comfortable
and at home.

If you succeed at this, you've a new acquaintance. If you hit them with a
pitch shot to donate to your latest charity every time they enter your house,
it won't take them long to not wish to visit.

If, alternatively, you provide them a cup of coffee and a reasonable conversation,
they tend to remain longer
and talk more.

Chapter 6:
What To Watch Out For

In order to ensure some level of success with the use of solo ads as a
marketing tool there should be consideration given to certain areas.

One of which is to avoid misleading the viewers who are potential customers
with deceiving advertisement contents.

This will not only create a feeling of mistrust but will also factor into the any
other information the site may put out
in future.

What To Watch Out For

Avoid gimmicky attention grabbing subject lines that don’t really tell the viewer
what the solo ad is all about. If the title is unappealing and ambiguous then the
probability of the viewer taking the next step to viewing the whole ad or visiting
the site linked is definitely lower.

Also avoid the copy and paste method of designing the solo ad. It does not
portray the user in a good light and also does not contribute in any way to
ensuring the viewer will be encouraged to visit the site.

Also the copy and paste method being used without first checking the relevance
of the content is rather foolish and should definitely be avoided. Avoid poorly
designed content and grammatical mistakes as this would affect the credibility
of the user.

Do some research to learn some of the words that should be avoided in the
solo ad.

This is mainly because the certain words when detected and categorized as
spam will cause the solo ad to be blocked and thus rendered useless.

In most cases the publishers do not have the time to assist in this matter
so avoid leaving this task to someone else.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this book has given you a good starting point to begin with solo ads.
One final thought is this:

Avoid randomly choosing a publisher for the solo ads. Keeping in mind the
importance of the connection between the solo ad, the viewer, and the final
possible revenue earned, choosing the appropriate publisher with a proven
track record is wise.

Use all this info to get going today!


Terms and Conditions
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet. While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional. In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly. This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting and finance fields. You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.

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