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Here's a link to the free version of the regular Jack Jacker Version which is a HIGH QUALITY Wordpress Plugin that I give away! That you can use for any website... 

Honestly I haven't tried the free version because I bought the Gold version in the beginning. But I've never had a single issue with Brett's software and I use his software more than anyone's.

I do have several friends/colleagues that use the free version, and they love it! And I've gotten great reviews from people who have downloaded it from my site. 

It puts a clickbar on any page you want and you can link it it to wherever you want. Which is pretty cool for free. When I say ANY PAGE you want. I mean you can even put it on Wikipedia or someone elses blog and share the generated link and it will be there with your click bar at the top!

You can change the colors of the clickbar and text to any color...

Here's an example of what it looks like. I just used the basic feature on the version I have which is the same as the free version.

   ......................By The Way I Made The Cool Website Above With Profit Canvas That You'll .........................
   ..........................See Discounted Below!! Great One Time Price That You Won't Believe!...............................
Even though it only shows a small part of it... As you can see I was able to make a pop up a video and everything I needed for my sales page!


Now the Jack Jacker "Gold" Version will also grab a website and do the same thing. It puts a clickbar with text on it  like the one up above.

HOWEVER, the HUGE Bonus is....
It will change the ALL links inside the website to go to your "own" link also... So if you're on someone's blog that has text links or banner links...  when a person clicks on them it will take you to either your site or your favorite affiliate site. 

It also has the option to put in HTML code to add a pop-up or whatever other scripts you wanted to add. It also has reseller rights and it's only $9.00 one time. 

The only thing I noted is after you set it up.. it takes a few minutes to propogate sometimes.. which is no big deal.. but I panicked the first time thinking it didn't work. But that also could be because my computer is slow sometimes. In any case it's not a big deal. I just didn't want anyone to panic if the links didn't work in 30 seconds!


This Next one is called Linkmaster... It's a link cloaker and it pulls the vendors page inside of your own site, just like the links I am using right now... Notice they all say That is my domain name. But it's Brett's software that he's allowing some of us to sell at a discounted price because we particpated in a campaign he was running.

It also disables other peoples pop-ups so you can put your own in.. That way the vendor can't get your lead that you did all the hard work for with your advertising efforts.

Instead of going to an exit pop up that the vendor put in you can have it go to your own page or any page you another sales offer or whatever.. 

But I personally use the retargeting spot to put in code for a pop-up instead
and it will also keep track of stats... 


This next one is Profit Canvas.. it makes any and every webpage you'll ever need with lots of editable templates - awesome pop up designer with templates or make them from scratch... 

It has webinar presentation software, video creation software, and it's all very high quality and bug free.. He also includes training on the use of the product as well as very good training on affiliate marketing. 

Honestly I've learned more from him that I have in a decade from anywhere else and I think I only watched about half of the videos in there. I will also provide a link at the bottom if you want to see his extensive training program, that I'm also able to sell at a discounted price. MASSIVELY discounted.

I barely covered the surface here though on how awesome Profit Canvis is.. and it's only a 1 time low cost that will knock your socks off!

It's not a wp plug in though.. Like the others above it does have an upgrade which I didn't buy, but that one has developer rights.. and other software to sell.
And it's also very reasonably priced. But the basic version here is just as good since I'm not planning on developing sites for other people at the moment.


Next is Affiliate Trax.. Another low one-time fee... It gives you a callback number for jvzoo.. so you can track everything.. sales, people, emails, refunds etc that anything you sell from any of your affiliate links, 

So you'll get all the information from and track it all in one place... It also has really great affiliate training from a-z from both Brett and Mike... 


And this last link is the Training from the ground up starting affiliate all the way to having your own product and thorough detailed training on the process to be at seller level rather than affiliate. AND SO MUCH MORE! So check it out!

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