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Bryan Winter's "One Page Online Income System" ~ Bonuses Included

I have to admit when I first started marketing online, I was scared to try anything!

The reason wasn't because I was scammed too many times in the past or lost thousands of dollars on programs that didn't work.

The reason I was scared out of my mind was because of Google!

Yep, every time I saw something that looked fabulous as an online opportunity the first thing I'd do is hop on over to Google and type in something like, Is Bryan Winter's a scammer? Or is 4 Stream Income a Scam?

I'm using Bryan as an example because he IS actually VERY LEGITIMATE and has a lot of credibility in the Internet Marketers world and also his programs have gotten me a lot of leads and he pays me directly to my paypal account right on time - every time. And I'm also going to tell you about one of his programs at the end of this article.

HOWEVER, the first few Google pages are usually very negative about MOST ALL online marketers, unless it's someone that is promoting their program.

You see, there are people out there that are very good at writing articles and very good at search engine optimization that are also Internet Marketers themselves. Some of them are very honest, but many of them are very biased.

There are even some that are just completely ruthless and they will write negative reviews on every company they can find and at the end of their article or along side of their article they will have subtle ads to join the company they are promoting or perhaps own the company (since a blogger doesn't even have to use their real name).

If you've done marketing long enough these people stand out like sore thumbs!

That's because they know that most people will go Google and look up "is such and such company a scam". This gives them a wide open door to invite people in that were seriously considering a marketing program or home business opportunity inside their own little world. Then they offer them a cup of virtual tea and make them feel like they've saved a ton of money by not joining another company and then they offer them the virtual feast to join "their company" and why it's so much better.

It honestly turns my stomach when I see that stuff!

I'm in a lot of different businesses. I don't do reviews like good vs bad or pros vs cons hardly ever because I think that it depends on the person who is going to do it more than it does the opinion of just one good writer online. I offer things to other people that I know works. I make sure it's not a scam, either by my own experience or by seeing rock solid proof by a trusted colleague of mine.

Now please take into consideration that google runs ads on my page - so not every banner you see on my page is "mine"... and I also run ads for other people which also don't belong to me.

You also have to keep in mind that there are really good programs that work to help people with advertising that do eventually get outdated.

That doesn't mean that it was bad... it just means technology changed and you might want to check the date of the promotion you see before you click the buy now button. I'm talking more about software or how to ebooks more than an actual company that recruits people to train them how to work online. But there are some companies that started out great and unfortunately couldn't keep going for one reason or another.

That doesn't mean they were a scam though.

But yes there are for sure scams out there so you do have to be careful. You can do your research and do it thoroughly but just don't believe everything you read and always consider that everyone has a motive, whether it's good or bad.

When considering working online, you have to be careful what you read on google. Fake scam pages are always going to rank good because it is WIDELY searched. And there are also Fake sites that make something sound really good that truly is a scam!

You really have to use common sense, and if you don't think you have any then find someone who does that can help you.

So what is The 4 Stream Income Opportunity?

It's actually is a one page site that has 4 income streams on it. You can join 1 to 4 of the programs, but you do have to join them in order. So you have to join the first program called Dual Squeeze, to be able to join the second one.

Joining multiple streams is a great way to boost your income and having them all on one page is a huge bonus! You can promote 4 offers with one advertisement... rather than having to pay for extra advertising for each individual offer.

Dual Squeeze is the first program. I used it before I even knew about 4StreamIncome. I made an income off of it for quite some time before joining 4 Stream.

You can build an email list very quickly with Dual Squeeze and you can promote it using free traffic. The best thing you can do is join free and you'll understand much better how it works by watching a quick video explanation, rather than me trying to explain it in detail here in a blog post.

But it does work good at getting you email subscribers and you can use it free to get leads as long as you want or you can upgrade at a $1 trial if you want to try the upgraded version.

You can get your page right now at 4StreamIncome for free though. You don't have to pay anything to get your page! And you'll get an instant video from Bryan himself that will explain how the simple page works. He will also tell you how to get traffic.

The second on is My Traffic Coop an all in one traffic source. It's a way to get instant traffic sent to your business opportunities. Your ad will be placed in a huge traffic rotation for an entire month. My Traffic Coop has ways within itself to make a lot of money alone. You can earn free shares or you can buy them. Either way it's a great program.

Third, is Passive Profit Builder where you can stuff ebooks full of your affiliate link! Instead of writing an ebook, and spending hours strategically placing links and images inside it, Passive Profit Builder has made it simple for anyone to practically have a ready made ebook to start earning you money! You can use it on your existing programs or just simply use it for any of these programs whether you decide to join them one by one or all of them at once!

Last, but not least and certainly the most powerful is My Funnel Empire! I will leave Bryan to explain this one. But I'm sure you will be impressed!

Remember if you have any questions you can contact me. I will also do my best to help you with any business that I promote... Even the free ones! If I don't know the answer, I'll find someone who does.

Our facebook group is:

You can find me there! I try my best to answer as quickly as possible, but like everyone else, I stay pretty busy and I also need breaks at times.

If it seems to be taking too long then feel free to message me again! Or leave a message in the group and tag me in it.

PS: You are allowed to advertise any or all of your businesses in our group. It's free advertising for anyone who wants to join... as long as it's legal and legit - it's all good!

I also have some great ways to get free traffic and free businesses you can join, if you want to contact me I'll fill you in. But definitely check out when you get a chance... It's non-related to Bryan Winters or his programs... But just something you can check out later if you want to bookmark this page (it's a free business with free traffic)


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