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So You Think You Can't Write an Ebook?

There are several reasons why an Internet marketer should have
his own ebook product. With his own product he can have total
control over pricing and what can be done with the product. 

He/she can change it as he sees fit or update it as the market changes. 
He/she becomes a product creator, which can give him a confidence
boost. He can also be considered an expert on the topic he
created the ebook about. 

So how do you go about creating an ebook? 

Start off with finding a niche of people who are buying. These
people have a problem and they're willing to spend some money to
find a solution. You're going to give them something to buy - an
ebook with the solution. 

Next, do some research on your chosen topic so you sound like you
know what you're talking about. Your research can include
articles, such as EzineArticles, short reports, and other ebooks
on the subject. Take brief notes but make sure you're not
copying anything from the material you're looking at. You do not
want to plagiarize. Plus you want your ebook to be original;
filled with everything you know on the subject and from your
unique angle. 

Once you have the topic picked and you've done your research,
it's time to organize your ebook. An outline of some sort is a
must. The structure of your ebook is typically: Introduction,
chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, etc., and the conclusion with
further resources. Decide what each of your chapters will be
about, putting them in a logical sequence. 

Now take each chapter heading and write. If you are intimidated
or overwhelmed, treat each chapter as if you were writing a 400
word article. That's not so bad, is it? Thinking of it that way
makes it much easier to tackle. 

In each chapter you can add tip boxes, little story examples,
screenshots, and/or graphics. 

After your chapters are written, take some time to write the
introduction and conclusion pages. The introduction may have
some brief personal information about you - why you're qualified
to write on this subject or how knowing this info has changed
your life. The conclusion is a good place to refer people on to
bigger and better information, preferable through your website,
product links, or affiliate links. 

Pick a font that's easy to read, such as Verdana 11 px and set
your paragraph spacing to 1.15. If you go bigger, people will
accuse you of trying to inflate the number of pages of your

Proofread your work! You don't look much like an expert if you
can't keep the typos and bad grammar in check. If English is not
your first language, hire a proofreader to set it all straight. 
Run the ebook by someone you trust before you go live with it and
ask them to catch any mistakes they run across. 

Writing an ebook seems like a daunting task until you put it into
ordered steps and take them on one after the other. Spend time
finding the right niche and topic first, and you will be rewarded
with sales later.


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