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Face It... Affiliate Marketing May Not Be For Everyone!

Tons of people go to the Internet every day looking for ways to make some extra money online. There is a  multitude  of Internet income opportunities available and in almost every case there is a sales process involved. In other words, you have to sell something to earn a commission and you have to know how to sell it even as if it were your own product. Almost every product and service  imaginable and even unimaginable is being sold  online, so there is no reason why the enterprising  entrepreneur  cannot find something to market and sell that truly interests  them.  Finding a "thing" to sell is not the issue. It's the willingness to learn and and do what needs to be done that seems to be the biggest problem for a lot of  aspiring marketers.  Affiliate Marketing is a popular way to make money online. Basically, as an Affiliate Marketer , you find a company with a product or service that you like and you do some advertising and promoting to sell the