There Are Five Kinds Of Blog Posts

Are you thinking of starting a Blog? Do you have a Blog that
needs freshening up? 

If you want to keep your Blog fresh and interesting, then you
need to post often. You can create different types of posts to
keep your readers interested. This will also keep you from
getting bored with your own Blog. Whether blogging to make money
directly from the Blog, or blogging to drive traffic to an
Affiliate product, you should keep these five types of Blog posts
in mind. 

1. The Review Post 

Review blog posts can help you to monetize your Blog. You will
take a close look at a product and give a review of it. This can
include an affiliate link to the product. When reviewing, be
sure to mention BOTH positive and negative comments about the
product. Even if you totally loved the product, keep your review
balanced by mentioning a few things that could have been
improved. Your readers will appreciate your honesty and be more
likely to trust your recommendation. 

2. The Quick Tip Post 

In between your longer posts you can do a "quick tips" type of
post. These are normally 150-250 words. Sometimes we have a lot
of information about our niche that we want to share but it may
not be worthy of a full length post. In that case, post a quick
tip. This should be focused on ONE key area of the niche. For
example, "How to Plant a Tulip Bulb" would be a quick tip
article for a gardening Blog. 

3. The List Post 

Blog readers love lists! The most popular Blogs make good use of
lists. You can create lists that fit with any topic imaginable. 
This is a great way to convey information online because it can
be easily scanned by web readers who are "skimmers." You can
also create lists of different ways to accomplish a goal in your
niche. "10 Ways To Prepare Your Soil For Planting" would be a
great list for gardeners. 

4. The Interview Post 

Interviews will require some preparation, but they are very
valuable to your Blog. Interview someone in your niche and then
share the results of that interview with your readers. This will
not only provide valuable content for your Blog, but will also
bring more traffic. Most likely, the person you interview will
also publicize the event on their Blog or Website, directing
traffic to your Blog. 

5. The Instruction Post 

This is similar to Quick Tips as you are providing your readers
with valuable information. However, these Instruction posts will
go into much more detail on a certain topic. Sometimes your
instructions can even be divided into two or three posts or
courses. Look at comments and questions from your readers to
find what topic would be most beneficial to your readers. 

As you Blog, remember that your readers like variety. Do not
always write the same type of post. Put a little variety in your
Blog to keep it fresh.

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