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Cheapest Light Bulbs to Use for Saving Energy and To Save Money


What Are the Most Inexpensive Light Bulbs for Your House?

Incadescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are the most common to be used for lamps in the typical household. They are the worst light bulbs to use as far as causing your electric bill to higher than it would be, rather than using more energy efficient lighting. While up to 90% of the energy used is putting off heat, the remainder of that is all that lights up a room. In other words, if 90 percent is giving off heat than 10 percent is giving you light. Shut off lamps and lights using these bulbs anytime they are not being utilized.


Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen lights became more popular in homes in the early 2000's. Although they are not as effective when it comes to lowering your electricity bill as the next couple of conservative light bulbs. And it is best to say if they are not needed, they should be shut off.


CFL Light Bulbs

CFL light bulbs also known as Compact Fluorescent Lights and referred to as compact fluorescent lamps just the same. Fluorescent light bulbs are very efficient. But if you still want to lower your bills there is a little trick you should know about them that will further save some cash.

The life of a CFL is overworked by the amount of times it is turned on and off. So, if you do not need it on for a while then just keep it off. But if you are going to be in and out of the room frequently, you can leave it on until you do not need it on for a while.


LED Light Bulbs

LED lights (short for light emitting diode) will hit the lightest on your wallet. Many LED bulbs are used with night vs. day sensors which make them even more efficient.

Talk To Your Electric Company

You should also check with your electric company in all cases. Electric Companies charge for different types of services for example commercial is billed differently than residential. There are also other factors, that some companies take into consideration, such as the time of day. Peak periods typically cost more for the utility companies to generate overall power. So, with that said, make sure you understand how they calculate their charges, what budget programs they might offer and so forth.


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