How To Pick The Best Domain Name

When planning a website, one of the main concerns will always be
the domain name. A domain name is what your website is known by.
The internet identifies websites by numbers, but this is not a
very human-friendly way to go about it. Words or letters are then
used, and these commonly end in ".com", ".biz", ".net" and many

Although there are hundreds of thousands of words in the English
language, and many ways of combining them to give new meaning,
picking out a good domain name can still be difficult. But having
a good domain name is important, especially as this will often be
the determining factor in the success or failure of your website
and your business. 

A good domain name ensures that your website will be visible. It
gets included in searches more often. It becomes more popular
and gives you credibility. It attracts more visitors, which helps
in increasing profits. 

A domain name, therefore, should always be properly planned and
thought out. Below are some tips to making the right choice for a
domain name: 

1. Pick a domain name that says something about your website, or
the services and products you sell. It can start with one word up
to a whole sentence. 

2. Make it catchy and easy to recall. So while it is okay to have
a whole sentence as a website, you still have to make sure it's
short enough for anyone to remember. 

3. If you feel like creating a new label, go ahead and make up
your own words - even if they don't make sense. It will still
work as long as it can be pronounced. If the domain name can be
uttered vocally, the brain will have an easier time assimilating
the new term, as compared to a random combination of consonants. 

4. Don't stop with just one choice - generate a list of all names
that you can possibly come up with. Be creative! That list will
prove its usefulness later on when ticking off domain names that
you have already checked but are presently taken. 

When you're ready to register, pick a good domain hosting
provider. Some web hosts offer free domain name registration as
part of their services, which gives you a great deal. Just
remember to read the terms carefully, so that you still get to
take your domain name with you in case you intend to switch
providers in the future.

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