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How Can You Attract People To Your Business When You're Not Making Much Money Yet???

Should You Pretend You're Making Money? People ask a lot if they should act like they are making a lot of money with what they are promoting.  If I'm not a guru making tons of money, then how in the world am I going to convince other people that what I'm doing will work? I have a few answers that might help, AND NO it doesn't involve lying... AND, you should never lie about it. Most of the time when people do this, they are found out! First you have to ask yourself one extremely important question when you are promoting something, and that is... Do you really believe that what you are promoting works? Or are you just promoting it because you were told that it works and you're not really sure for yourself that it works? If you are doubting that a program works, then you shouldn't be promoting it in the first place.That would be crazy and it would kill your credibility. It's understandable and human nature to have doubts on whether you can actually