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Do Entrepreneurs Need Partners?

It is said that no entrepreneur goes it alone and has un-dreamed of success by himself. In fact, if you look at every wildly successful entrepreneur, you will see that they didn't do everything themselves - they had a partner or partners. This is true in every market.  So my question to you is - are you trying to go it alone or are you partnering with others and in doing so allowing yourself to go farther than your own limitations?  If you've never partnered before or if you've attempted it unsuccessfully, here are some tips:  1. Figure out what type of partner you need.  Do you need a graphics partner, a writing or copywriting partner, a silent financial or legal partner, someone with technical skills, or a joint venture partner with far-reaching contacts?  Before you can go any further, you need to know what you want; identify the category of partnership you're seeking.  2. Identify your own weaknesses.  Maybe you procrastinate,