One Way Linking - Backlinking - Article Writing & Submitting. How It Goes Together...

If you are already familiar with linking and getting
traffic to sites, you probably know that one-way linking is the
best type of linking to use in order to gain more viewers to your
websites. However, when one-way links are being talked about,
there are a lot of things for you to choose from when deciding this.

Some of the ways that website developers can use to obtain a
one way link is the following: through social networking sites
like MySpace and Facebook, by including the link in their own blog
or the blogs of people that they individually know, by posting the
link in various forums related to the service or product that is
found on the website for advertisement, by submitting their link
into the directories found online, and by writing articles for
directories and certain websites. 

It cannot be denied that all the systems mentioned above are
effective plans to create one-way backlinks. But among those,
the most effective is the one that involves writing articles for
other websites. The first logical reasoning for this is because of the
impact that it has in bringing the traffic to your website, which can be
seen almost immediately, compared to others that take longer.
Among all the styles mentioned, this one is the most practical
because users will be able to directly click the link from the
article that you made. In addition, you can introduce your
website using the article that you are writing for another web
page. Of course, this only pertains when the website that you are
writing for is in a comparable category as your website. 


Those who have submitted an article for a particular website and
have arranged to include their link in it saw that there were at
least 25+ more visitors viewing their site in the next two days.
Even as the weeks advanced, they saw a notable increase in
the volume of guests.

What is even greater about the abounding increase in
visitors is that some visits turned into sales. 

Of course, you must choose a site which is already getting 
a fair amount of visitors per day. If they are listed on the first 
page of a search engine will be all the evidence you need to determine 
that they are getting plenty of visitors. 

Another reason why article submissions manage to be more efficient
is because of the fact that these articles are more powerful when
it comes to attracting the attention of the readers. When people
read your articles, you can give them an idea of what they will
be finding from your website. Because of this, it is now easier
for them to see the benefits that your products or services can
bring them. Thus, there will be a bigger chance for you to turn
that visitor into your own customer. 

You can also submit your article to article directories. However,
keep in mind that if you promised the webmaster unique content,
you must change the article now for directory submissions. If you
place your article in just one directory, you will see some
increase in the number of visitors. But if you really want a
drastic increase in the traffic to your website, you can post
your article with the link of your website in not just one or two
article directories, but hundreds. You will be surprised by the
outcome of this strategy. The increase in the number of visitors will
be surprising and the fact that it was that easy will also be
great for you. 

The only thing you need to know when getting one way links for
your website by submitting articles to massive article
directories is that it can take a long time if done manually. You
will need a system or software that will help you in submitting
them to all the different directories found online. 

If you are really serious about getting the traffic to your
website to grow, you might want to try this method that includes
submitting articles in directories and in other websites. After
all, you have nothing to lose by doing this, except traffic, of

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