Link Partner Strategy to Leverage Your Marketing Results

The name of the game with Internet Marketing is productivity.
Productivity means reaching the greatest number of targeted
prospects with the least effort and expense to generate the most

The key to productivity is leverage: expanding your marketing
activity with resources and systems that run without your direct
effort or excessive involvement. 

Developing a Link Partner strategy is one recommended way to
leverage your efforts and increase your productivity, although
there are numerous additional ways to apply leverage to your
Internet business efforts. These may include: 

- Advertising in ezines, online forums, websites and other

- Participation as a member in online business and marketing

- Participation in Social Networking sites 

With each of these leveraging systems, it may take some effort
and time to get them set up and to begin establishing your
website presence. 

The advantage to any or all of these systems is that once set up,
they will produce results for you with minimal effort and will
continue to do so for extended periods of time. 

Link Partners are website owners or webmasters with whom you
exchange your website link. You will place a link to their site
somewhere on your website, and they will place your link
somewhere on their site. 

Links can be in text ad form or banner form. Links might be
included in an article, a site review or a blog post. Or they
might be listed in a business services directory. The style or
nature of the link exchange should be agreed upon before the
links are posted to prevent any misunderstandings or

Link Partners may be easy to find, but the real essence of an
effective Link Partner strategy is exchanging links with quality
websites. That is, sites with a respectable PageRank and who are
already attracting the same kind of visitors that you are
targeting for your online business. 

There are many good web tools available that can be used to check
the PageRank of a website. You can do an Internet search for page
rank tools. 

To find quality sites and to encourage them to want to support
your Link Partner strategy, here are some recommended steps: 

1) When surfing the Internet, watch for and bookmark sites that
you believe are suitable for your purpose. You could also do
Internet searches for your keywords, then check out the sites
that rate the highest in the search engine results. 

2) Once you identify a suitable Link Partner candidate, write a
complimentary review for the site and post the review on your
website or blog page. 

3) Contact the webmaster or owner of the reviewed site, advise
them of the review and give them permission to publish the review
on their site along with a link pointing back to your site as the
review source. As an alternative to publishing the review on
their site, they can simply include a link that points to the
review on your site. 

You can apply this Link Partner strategy to any number of
partners you choose, keeping in mind that the more link partners
you have, the more effectively you will be able to leverage your
efforts and expand your reach. 

Productivity is the name of the game. Increased sales are the
goal. An effective Link Partner strategy can be the ideal means
to achieve the desired end.

3 Important Tools Needed For Success With Affiliate Marketing

Three Very Important Tools You Need To Try To Get In Order To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer

These three things might seem like common sense to the veteran affiliate marketer, but most people just starting out don't realize the importance of these things. Especially building a list to build a relationship with your audience.

There are ways to build a list without having to get an autoresponder right off the bat.... which you'll see at the end of this very short article. But let's go over the 3 things...

Affiliate marketing is one the most powerful and easy ways through which you can earn money online.  To succeed in affiliate marketing on the internet, you will need several tools that you can use to build your business.

This article presents these key tools and how they can help you to easily build your affiliate marketing business.

A professionally designed website. A serious affiliate marketer is one who invests in building a website for marketing affiliate programs and products. This is professional and increases the credibility of your business. 

Instead of sending traffic to the product owner's sales page, you can direct them through your own website. By doing this, you can include your own personal recommendations of the products on your website, which is helpful to people considering to buy.

You can also collect the names and email address of people who visit the tour of your website and build a list of prospects. Have a reliable hosting company so that your website is running smoothly all the time. 

An autoresponder system. This is important because not everyone who visits your website where you market affiliate programs will purchase right away. An autoresponder helps you follow up with these people, and will keep on reminding them about your website and invite them to visit your site. 

You can use an e-course or an e-zine with interesting tips that will make your prospects want to visit your website again. By doing this you are increasing the chances of generating a sale from most people who visit your site.

An advert tracking system. If you want to make sales and earn affiliate commissions, you must drive traffic to your website. 

This means that you must be constantly advertising your website using different types of campaigns. It is important that you track and assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns and advertising tools that you use. This analysis will help you select the most effective campaign and invest more money in it for even better results.

There are thousands of other affiliates who are marketing the same products as you. It is therefore important that you use the tools presented above so that your business is professional and efficient. 

The way I've built my targeted list for free was by using these two tools... you don't have to use both - I did, just because there were other options with both of them that I liked... AND as you might be able to see - there's a way to combine the two... 


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