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Outsource Writing - Use a Ghostwriter

To outsource writing or to use a ghostwriter, has become quite a common and profitable practice. People have started outsourcing their entire blogs and monetizing them to earn a good extra income. Although blogging can earn quite a bit of cash, you have to keep in mind that it takes awhile for google to start indexing your site, so you have to be patient.  Then there's also the option to outsource all types of books. If you want to earn some of extra cash, writing a report or an ebook that gives valuable information about a hobby or passion others share, or solves a problem some people might have, is one of the recommended paths for would-be internet marketers.  But what if you do not have time or just cannot write? Maybe you do not feel confident enough; maybe there is a language barrier or maybe you just prefer not to. Well, if you fit into any of these categories, there is an answer and that is to use a ghostwriter.  A ghostwriter is someone who will writ

Niche Discovery Tactics Gurus Don't Teach But Use Themselves

Every internet marketer knows the importance of discovering good and profitable niches. Many internet marketing gurus have a very simplistic way of teaching about niche discovery. The sum total of some gurus' teaching on this can be summarized as: 1. Choose a topic that you like, have experience or are interested in. 2. Take the main keyword from this topic and plug it into a keyword research tool. 3. Look at the search count. If it is about 30,000 per month, it's a good niche. If it is below 30,000 searches, there is very little market and therefore it is not a good niche. If it is way above 30,000 searches, there is probably too much competition and therefore it is risky to enter this niche market. That's it. Based on those three steps, you are supposed to find a niche. What's wrong with such a teaching? Firstly, there is no research into the competition. No step is taken to discover how strong a competition you face in that niche. Sec

The Article Marketing Strategy is an Excellent Way to Boost Business Earnings

The article marketing strategy can be a great way to improve  your earnings  when done consistently. The actual writing of each  article is  just one thing you need to do. Marketing articles successfully takes time, patience, skill, knowledge, perseverance, dedication and creativity. The following information is designed to teach you some basic strategies and techniques that will help you turn your articles into profits.  One of the most important steps that you can take is to ensure that your website is up-to-date. Nothing drives away potential buyers faster than yesterday's news. Updating and revising the information on your website should always be considered a work-in-progress. If you are selling or recommending products, they need to relate to current trends. Prices must be accurate. Articles, blogs and other information on your website should be fresh and creative. Give your visitors a reason to stay and browse instead of an excuse to say "been there, d