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There Are Five Kinds Of Blog Posts

Are you thinking of starting a Blog? Do you have a Blog that needs freshening up?  If you want to keep your Blog fresh and interesting, then you need to post often. You can create different types of posts to keep your readers interested. This will also keep you from getting bored with your own Blog. Whether blogging to make money directly from the Blog, or blogging to drive traffic to an Affiliate product, you should keep these five types of Blog posts in mind.  1. The Review Post  Review blog posts can help you to monetize your Blog. You will take a close look at a product and give a review of it. This can include an affiliate link to the product. When reviewing, be sure to mention BOTH positive and negative comments about the product. Even if you totally loved the product, keep your review balanced by mentioning a few things that could have been improved. Your readers will appreciate your honesty and be more likely to trust your recommendation.  2. The Quick Ti