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How To Make Your Customers NOT LIKE Your Company

Keeping your business in front of prospects is paramount to Internet success. However, there's some crazy stuff floating around the   Internet that has the opposite result on many  potential  visitors and customers and can actually be quite  annoying. Sometimes I see something a couple times and I can't hit the exit button quick enough! How many times will a person sign up to get the "secret" to the latest guru's techniques? How many secrets does the does a guru have anyway? You've seen it...  ANNOYING    "The Never Before Seen, Secret To Getting Rich"    HEADLINE Or, what about there's  going to be 50 sold so get yours is NOW  before it's gone! Then you're screwed... right? .... Except for the fact you go back 6 months later and it says the same thing. Two years later it still says the same thing.  So either it's not selling or it's just a lie to get you to buy. I hate to say it even... because I'm sur