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Joint Ventures Are Mutually Beneficial

Internet marketers are used to being lone soldiers when it comes  to working hard and generating income for themselves. But many  times, to kick up their output or their incomes, or both, to a  higher level, they find themselves joint venturing on projects  with other like-minded folks.  The ability to spread out effort and risk, while increasing returns, is a bigger temptation than even the most guarded of Internet marketers can resist. But after it’s said and done, should events prove fruitful, that previously hermitic Internet marketer has made a new friend and maybe even developed a permanent working relationship.  As with any worthwhile pursuit there are some core basics and guiding principles that joint venture participants should practice when seeking partners and executing a plan.  Before becoming engaged, it’s essential to know what a joint venture is. A “JV” is an agreement between two parties each seeking to cooperatively leverage the assets of

Thoughts On Prospecting Customers

There are two schools of thought on prospecting for customers. It may not matter so much which school you subscribe to. What matters is that you choose one and learn to apply your lessons effectively. Some marketers go for quantity. They believe that the way to prospect for customers is simply to fill their marketing funnel with anybody and everybody and hope that something they are selling appeals to some of those people. Other marketers go for quality. They believe that it is more productive to target and pre-qualify their prospective customers before they enter the sales funnel. Whichever school you choose, it is advisable to market to those prospects in a respectable, responsible manner because your image and reputation as a marketer and business person is on the line. If you deluge your prospects with unwanted marketing messages, you risk upsetting them even before they've had a proper chance to check out your offers. Image is important because selling another item to an