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How The Gurus Make You Buy Their Stuff Even When You Don't Really Want To

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. That is so true especially in internet marketing where there is very little face-to-face interaction between the marketer and the prospective customer. Therefore, it is imperative for internet marketers to 'speak' to their prospects through what they write. Successful internet marketers have learned the art of communicating through powerful, compelling copy that almost hypnotizes their prospects into buying their stuff. How do they do it?  Successful internet marketers employ certain tried and true principles of sales psychology in crafting their copy. Here are some of those principles.  1. Personalization  People respond to friends more than to acquaintances. The exception is with someone so well-known in his field of expertise, like Tony Robbins in self-improvement. Then people would readily trust in such an expert rather than their close friend but only when it comes to that expert's area of experti

List Building Is Important Because You Need Traffic To Get Sales

As an affiliate marketer there are two things that you want more than anything else, one is traffic and the other is sales. Though sales will be really limited without traffic, it is possible to have traffic, yet no sales, which can be totally frustrating. Why does this happen? There could be a few reasons.  First, you may have selected a market in which people are strictly looking for free information, never intending to pull out their wallets. Did you do sufficient market research up front to know that people are buying what you are selling? You may have found keywords that have a fair volume of traffic with low competition and thought you had a goldmine, when in reality, the competition is low because those keywords are not 'buying' keywords.  Second, the traffic you are bringing to your site might not be targeted and therefore they are not interested in what you have to sell. Depending on the method you are using to drive people to your site, you may