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Five Small Tips To Help Avoid Distractions When You Work At Home

1.) Create a “work schedule” and set your limits. You might need a sign to hang on your home office door that says do not disturb, or busy at work, or even just have your hours written down outside the door to your offce, bedroom, den, or wherever your workspace is. Todays Work Schedule Example: Working 9am to 11:30am Free Time 11:30am to 1:30pm Working 1:30pm to 3:30pm Just make sure everyone knows you’re working and not to be disturbed. It’s helpful to everyone if you can designate special times throughout the day that are devoted to work and free time that is devoted to family, household duties and running errands. 2.) Close extra pages and apps on your computer that aren't work related such as facebook, twitter, chatrooms etc, unless you specifically are placing an ad on facebook or expecting an important message, just keep it closed. Email also. Most of us marketers need to check it regularily, but set times to check it - because if you check it everytime