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What are Blogs Used For In General - Should You Start One?

It might seem crazy to you that I'm writing about the basics of blogging, but even though my last couple of years doing online marketing I find out that a lot of people especially those over 50 don't really have a clear view of what blogging is used for other than they think someone just likes writing stories. They also don't understand the importance of it when it does come down to having an online business.

I've been trying to get my husband to start writing in a blog for about 5 years now. He's written 2 books and I keep telling him that he'd sell more books if he had an online presence. But all I get is the blank stare and changing of the subject. 😃 Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself, how can someone have the patience to sit and write 2 entire books and not take 10-15 minutes out of their day to type up a 500-600 word blog! 

Blogs are definitely utilized for many things, but often a person uses them to air his or her feelings about a perceived injustice. All in all, this is not a good thing and to be quite frank it's rather immature and very unprofessional. Doing this is likely to get the blogger set up with a big appointment with some big trouble. 

People have literally lost their jobs by throwing their employers under the bus because they consider something to be wrong in the workplace. Others have been sued for libel, so it pays to be careful what you write on your blog.

Also, unfortunately, a lot of young people get whisked away while blogging and post indiscrete images of themselves. Then when a potential employer does what they should and find out more about who they might hire, they find it or someone shows it to them and then decide that is not the model employee he or she wants in their department. So he or she decides not to hire a person who actually top-notch qualifications and is more than capable of doing the job, but it would ruin the image of their workplace environment. So, therefore, plain and simple, this is an unwise use of a blog. 

However, if you want to learn more stuff about a particular topic and find a blog that deals with the subject, then you could join up and even ask questions in the comments and many times get some really insightful replies. 

You also can sign up to get hold of a newsletter, if they have that option (which is smart if they do), or in some cases, they don't do newsletters but rather email you everytime they add a new post. It's the best way for a blogger to keep their visitors coming back. 

No one wants a ton of advertisements constantly pushed in their faces. But I do think good bloggers should monetize their sites because they do a lot of work to keep their audience informed. It can get really annoying when you have literally 12 pop-ups and blaring videos playing all at the same time.

I've probably been guilty myself of having too many pop-ups, but I'm still a work in progress. 😊

So as we just discussed - Blogs also can be used to make cash and there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Some people have performed so well at this they find that it's the best source of income online for them. Blogs can further more be used to rent space for individuals to advertise their personal banners or to even do a complete review of a product. 

Several years back I had a friend online who had a parenting blog site for Moms. She had not even been talking about advertising and didn't use google ads or anything. However, someone offered her $1000 dollars to put a banner for their product at the top of her page for 1 week. This was at least 15 or 20 years ago. She thought it was a scam of some sort at first... but it wasn't. It turned out to be a store that specialized in baby items. Somehow at the time, they knew the popularity of her site more than she did. There are all kinds of tools and websites today to see how well a site is doing - but I'm not entirely sure what all they had back then.

Nowadays there are people that outsource their blogging just to monetize it and make a lot more money in the long run from the monetization than they ever pay anyone to write their posts. 

On the other hand, there are people that make a lot of money that do the writing, depending on who they write for. There have been 6 figure earners that do nothing more than some good writing for other people. 

Fiverr is one of the best places to start. Whether you want to hire a writer or you want to write for others. Also, users can sign up to Fiverr and get a lot of things done at an unbeatable starting price of $5! They have everything from Graphics & Design, Writing, Translation, Business, Tech, Video Creation and much more! 

Blogs that allow others to post comments, questions or sometimes friendly debates are pretty popular. Those that allow others to post comments have become more popular than the ones that don’t.

If you want to interact with others for any purpose, then you can do it through blogging. Politicians have used blogs to generate a feeling of closeness with their fans and a lot of times to even undermine the opposition. One thing that should always be remembered is that the things you write on your blog can easily come back to sting you, as the contents of a blog can be used in court.

Just because you delete something doesn't mean that someone hasn't already taken a screenshot or a photo. I took screenshots of someone that was harassing me on facebook at one point. Even though there are no longer problems between us I will still keep them. Not because I'm vindictive, but because I figure if she can do it once, and not really see a problem with what she did, then she could definitely do it again. 

I will be adding to this series on blogging to get more deeply into the subject, so stay tuned!


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