Outsource Writing - Use a Ghostwriter

To outsource writing or to use a ghostwriter, has become quite
a common and profitable practice. People have started
outsourcing their entire blogs and monetizing them to
earn a good extra income.

Although blogging can earn quite a bit of cash, you have to
keep in mind that it takes awhile for google to start indexing
your site, so you have to be patient. 

Then there's also the option to outsource all types of books.

If you want to earn some of extra cash, writing a report
or an ebook that gives valuable information about a hobby or
passion others share, or solves a problem some people might have,
is one of the recommended paths for would-be internet marketers. 

But what if you do not have time or just cannot write? Maybe you
do not feel confident enough; maybe there is a language barrier
or maybe you just prefer not to. Well, if you fit into any of
these categories, there is an answer and that is to use a

A ghostwriter is someone who will write for you, even research
for you if you wish; will write ebooks, articles, blog posts,
press releases or even your family history. Whatever you want
written, there is someone willing to ghostwrite it for you. 

When the writing is finished and approved, you own the copyright
to the work just as if you had written it yourself. The writer
gets a guaranteed fee for their effort, but you have the task of
using the work to make money and taking the risk of getting
little or no return, so it seems to be a fair arrangement. 

So how do you go about finding a ghostwriter? 

Well, you could just Google "ghostwriter wanted" and sift through
all the results, but an easier way to get started is to visit one
of the existing online marketplaces for people wanting such work.
Some of the most common are listed below: 

www.fiverr.com Huge variety of services!

www.freelancer.com  Get $20 USD to spend on your first project on Freelancer!






What you do on these sites is list your proposal and people
looking for work will put in an offer for your job. 

The easiest site and least expensive is typically fiverr. That does 
NOT mean you'll get low quality work. If you research the sellers
on fiverr, you can find some awesome service providers.

If you are not familiar with hiring in this manner, go to some of
the sites listed above and have a look around, get the feel of
the site, look at some of the proposals and the bids on them. 

Start with the search bar at the top of nearly all these sites.
If there is no search field, there will always be two links, one
for those looking to hire workers or contractors and another for
people who want work and list themselves for hire. 

If you type in, say "ghost writer, ebook" in the search field, it
should bring up current jobs similar to what you want. 

On some sites you may have to register before you can see the
full details but registration is free and you only need to supply
basic information to get started. 

Open up some of the jobs that are listed, looking at the 
qualifications and experience of those bidding. Notice the price
range in that site for the type of work you want done for
yourself. Keep some notes of what you find on each site, what you
like and dislike. That will make it easier for you to decide
later which one is the best fit for you. 

It is up to you, as a hire, to decide how much your budget
allows you to spend. Paying more for an experienced writer with
good feedback should be a good investment, however if your budget
is limited, you may want to select someone with less experience;
they could still do excellent work, but because they do not have
much feedback, may be willing to work for a lower price until
they get established and have a good portfolio. 

Expect to pay higher prices on Elance than on oDesk, for example.
There are many workers who have an excellent education living in
countries where work choices are limited bidding for jobs at
prices that may seem very low. A low offer does not necessarily
mean a poor quality job, on the contrary they may produce an
excellent result. It is all about choice; yours and theirs. 

Your first task will be to write your proposal. If you have not
already done so, it is a good idea to search for other similar
proposals to see what has been asked for in those ads, such as
job description, skills and experience requirements, time to
completion and whether you want a fixed or an hourly rate. Go to
the Help section too, as you can get some good hints there. You
will need to be clear in your own mind what you want, to be able
to write a good proposal. 

Once your ad is ready to list, check with the Help or FAQ to see
what the site requirements for listings are. Many have
instructions that walk you step by step through the whole

When you list, you need to decide how long you want to let your
ad run; a shorter time will usually attract fewer offers but will
allow you to get started more quickly, so it is a bit of a

Some sites will let you invite applicants to bid on your proposal
so if you found any who appealed to you in your research, invite
them to make an offer. 

Bid prices can sometimes vary widely; a project on
scriptlance.com at present had bids ranging for $10 with
immediate delivery to $7,000 in ten days, but this seems a bit
unusual and is perhaps an indication that there is a
misunderstanding about what is required. More often the range
will be narrower, so your choice is made more on what you read in
the applicant's offer and in their bio than on price. 

Before you make a decision, check out all you can find about the
individual contractors who make an offer. Look at their past
projects and any feedback from it, their experience,
qualifications and areas of interest as well as the bid price.
Sometimes you can see how much they have earned on previous
contracts and that can be very helpful. 

Take your time in selecting a candidate. If someone interests you
and you want more information, send them a message to clarify
before you accept the bid. 

Once the selection is made, agree on milestones such as when you
want to see the first draft, the final draft and any revisions
completed. Many of the sites listed above use escrow funding,
meaning you pay all or part of the fee in advance into a trust
fund from where the money is paid to the worker as milestones are
reached. oDesk is one site that currently does not require this,
payments are made as work is done unless an agreement is reached

It is essential for successful ghostwriting that you have good
clear communication with your outsourcer. If you can develop a
relationship where there is mutual trust and understanding, the
whole process can be very rewarding for both parties.

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