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Niche Discovery Tactics Gurus Don't Teach But Use Themselves

Every internet marketer knows the importance of discovering good
and profitable niches. Many internet marketing gurus have a very
simplistic way of teaching about niche discovery. The sum total
of some gurus' teaching on this can be summarized as:

1. Choose a topic that you like, have experience or are
interested in.

2. Take the main keyword from this topic and plug it into a
keyword research tool.

3. Look at the search count. If it is about 30,000 per month,
it's a good niche. If it is below 30,000 searches, there is very
little market and therefore it is not a good niche. If it is way
above 30,000 searches, there is probably too much competition and
therefore it is risky to enter this niche market.

That's it. Based on those three steps, you are supposed to find a
niche. What's wrong with such a teaching?

Firstly, there is no research into the competition. No step is
taken to discover how strong a competition you face in that

Secondly, there is no research into long-tail keywords. Long-tail
keywords are defined as keyword phrases of at least 4 words (the
more words, the better). Every marketer knows the importance of
long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords can lead you to lucrative

Thirdly, there is no research into the tendency of the searchers
to buy. It's not only a matter of whether the searchers have
money or not. Some people in a particular niche market may have
money but are not intending to buy anything.

So here's how the gurus really do their niche and keyword

1. Examine your own interests, abilities, knowledge, experiences.
Anything from these may be a potentially good niche to market to.

2. Identify what's hot in the market i.e. what is currently the
most talked-about thing, what's buzzing or new in town. Is this a
potential niche?

3. From the above two steps, identify potential niches. Then run
these potential niches through these 'filters':

a. Are people in this niche ready to buy and not merely
information seekers or looking for freebies? For example, 'how to
score an 'A' in your SAT examination' would probably not be a
very lucrative niche because it would interest only students who
may not have the money to buy anything much.

b. Is there a problem that the people in this niche cannot solve
themselves? Any niche involving technical expertise would nicely
fit into this criteria. For example, 'how to solve Windows Vista
registry problems' would likely be a good niche because very few
people are technologically competent enough to deal with these

c. Do the people in this niche have an urgent crisis that needs
to be overcome? The more urgent the better. For example, 'how to
stop your teenager's drug habit' is an extremely urgent crisis
that begs for answers.

d. Is there an 'evergreen' need in this niche that is not a just
a fad? 'How to improve your golf swing' is an evergreen need
compared to 'strategies for World of Warcraft' (World of Warcraft
is a PC game). Once the fad for World of Warcraft is over, the
market in this niche disappears.

Obviously, the more 'yes' answers you get to the above questions
the more potentially profitable a niche is.

4. Once you have identified a potentially profitable niche based
on the steps above, it is time to look for some long-tail
keywords. These long-tail keywords will reveal some sub-niches
which you can further profit from. For example, if you type in
'golf swing' into Wordtracker, you would get a whole list of
related searches. Look for keyword phrases with four words or
more. Some of them are 'stack and tilt golf swing', 'bio-mechanics
of golf swing', 'what is the proper weight distribution during
the golf swing' etc.

5. To find out how much competition there is in this niche,
simply type in all the keywords you have into Google's free
keyword analysis tool. This tool will give you the estimated
advertiser competition (which is the same as marketer
competition), average search volume for the previous month and
average monthly search volume. The great thing is that this tool
also gives you synonyms for the keywords which means you get more
keyword suggestions. You identify keywords with as little
competition but as many searches as possible.

The steps above represent a much more complete way of niche
discovery. You will not only find profitable niches but also the
relevant keywords that go with these niches. By doing this you
make a solid start in your niche marketing.



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