How To Make Your Customers NOT LIKE Your Company

Keeping your business in front of prospects is paramount to
Internet success. However, there's some crazy stuff floating
around the  Internet that has the opposite result on many 
potential visitors and customers and can actually be quite 

Sometimes I see something a couple times and I can't hit the
exit button quick enough!

How many times will a person sign up to get the "secret" to
the latest guru's techniques? How many secrets does the
does a guru have anyway? You've seen it... 

ANNOYING    "The Never Before Seen, Secret To Getting Rich"    HEADLINE

Or, what about there's going to be 50 sold so get yours is NOW 
before it's gone! Then you're screwed... right? .... Except for the
fact you go back 6 months later and it says the same thing. Two years
later it still says the same thing. 

So either it's not selling or it's just a lie to get you to buy. I hate to say it even... because I'm sure they are nice people just trying to make a living online. AND chances are, they do. But in the long run - it just makes them look tacky and it will stick in the back of people's minds the next time they release a product. So more than likely it's going to hurt their sales.

What about when someone promotes a free video that tells you 3 steps to be a millionaire and you put in your name and email, it then redirects you to another page and you have to watch an hour long video just to find out you have to pay $497 and they don't even tell you until the end. The video is embedded so you can't get to the end without watching the entire full hour. 

It might not be so bad if it were something the average person could afford just on the fly $10 or $20 dollars. But even $99 dollars is quite a stretch to make people sit for an hour and watch a video only to find out it's something they can't afford and there's a timer at the bottom saying they only have 3 minutes and 42 seconds left to fork out the $99 or the price will go up to $250 dollars! 

It annoys me to even think about it! 

I'm not saying timers are bad... they aren't bad if it's a free offer... or a discounted offer. They seller is just thinking... hey it's a free offer and if you don't get it now you'll probably forget about it... so why would it hurt to look at something free... or look at a discount and take it or leave it. Now that's not a big deal.

Another thing people really don't like is when their phone number is "required". A form where it's "optional" is better... but it still kinda sends
the message that in one way or another they might or might not have a high pressure method of trying to get you to join their company.

It's a little different if they ask "Do you want your sponsor to call you?"
That's just telling you that they are available to talk to if you have questions. 

But on an initial optin form just a first name and email address should be adequate. Unless of course they know right off the bat, that they are buying something... now that's different.

Another thorn in the side in Internet marketing is the videos
that are made that start automatically, and do not have any stop,
pause, or continue buttons. Sometimes, they are hidden and can
be reached by moving the mouse over the bottom of the video
screen, but a lot of times they are non-existent. Feeling
trapped to listen to the video until the end to see if it is
interesting enough to order or sign up on a list is time
consuming. Sometimes, there is a legitimate reason to stop a
video and pick it up later, but in these disgraceful videos, a
person has to listen to the whole thing over again to get to the
point where they were before the interruption. At least with an
array of control buttons, a customer could pause, stop and fast
forward to where the video stopped, etc. It is just not
respectful to a visitor's time and intelligence to record a video
without control buttons unless the marketer wants their customers
to feel "trapped" to hear the video. Is that the best way to
start off a relationship with a potential customer? 

How about allowing a visitor space to make a comment either to
himself or to the seller on a form? This is not always done and
it seems a shame because someone that purchases a lot of ebooks
or software might desire to make a note of what money is being
spent for which product and have a record of it. PayPal and the
way the seller identifies their product does not always allow for
easy identification of the product. Sometimes, the seller also
has a different name on his PayPal payment sheet than the sales
page the customer has visited. The seller should always have a
method of contact listed for the customer if there should be a
problem. Hiding from the customer does not form a working bond. 
If the seller is too big and too overwhelmed to answer support
questions, there are many free and reasonable support ticket
software that will handle "frequently asked questions" and make
the support job much easier. The customer will feel more
appreciated and, therefore, more likely to purchase more from the
seller in the future if a feeling of mutual trust is

All in all, if a business wants a customer's money and support,
then how about businesses start acting respectful and honest in
their marketing efforts? It would be a welcoming breath of fresh
air online.

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