List Building Is Important Because You Need Traffic To Get Sales

As an affiliate marketer there are two things that you want more
than anything else, one is traffic and the other is sales. Though
sales will be really limited without traffic, it is possible to
have traffic, yet no sales, which can be totally frustrating. Why
does this happen? There could be a few reasons. 

First, you may have selected a market in which people are
strictly looking for free information, never intending to pull
out their wallets. Did you do sufficient market research up front
to know that people are buying what you are selling? You may have
found keywords that have a fair volume of traffic with low
competition and thought you had a goldmine, when in reality, the
competition is low because those keywords are not 'buying'

Second, the traffic you are bringing to your site might not be
targeted and therefore they are not interested in what you have
to sell. Depending on the method you are using to drive people to
your site, you may be hosting the wrong people! Ensure the effort
you are putting in to bring people to your site, is focused
toward the target audience who will truly be interested in what
you have to offer. 

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Third, your site and/or sales page may be lacking. If the product
or service you are offering is truly in demand and you have
targeted traffic coming to your site but you are not making sales
you need to start doing some split-testing on the copy of your
site and/or the look of your site. Solicit input from others if
need be, as to what they like or don't like and start making some

One other MAJOR factor to consider is this: are you capturing the
name and email address of your visitors? Why you ask? Well the
truth is that the percentage of sales in affiliate marketing,
from first-time visitors is very low. So if your Website is
designed in such a way that you direct your traffic to an
affiliate link without first capturing their contact info, they
will click on the link, check out the product or service and very
likely just continue surfing. 

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However, if you get them to subscribe to your list and then send
them to your affiliate offer, you then have a means of staying in
contact with them, sending them additional information as well as
links to the affiliate products or services you are promoting. If
you send out valuable information, you will start to build a
rapport with your subscribers and the more they feel they can
trust you, the more likely they are to buy what you're selling. 

So, if the answer to, "Who's on your list?" is 'nobody', and you
are serious about building a business then invest some money in
an autoresponder service and start building what is sure to
become, the lifeline of your business - your list.


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