How to Plan an Email Campaign In 6 Simple Steps

Planning an email campaign is not quite as tough as eating an
elephant, but the process is very similar. 

The way to complete any large task has essentially the same
answer, "One step at a time." Taken all-at-once it may be
overwhelming. Break it down into its elements, into small
bite-sized pieces, and those really don't look formidable in any

The individual steps can each be relatively simple, something
that's no big problem, that you can do. And when you've completed
all the steps, you suddenly realize that you've come all the way
from the beginning to the end of completing the project! It is
exactly the same with how to plan an email campaign.. Here then
is the way you approach the elephantine task of planning an email
campaign, in 6 simple steps. 

Step 1. 
Determine how long you want the email to be. 

With this you need to decide if you want to include full articles
in the email or just teaser paragraphs and links to your web
site.. If shorter is better, then linking to your web site is the
best way to go. Keep in mind what your readers prefer. Some may
want to have the whole article in the email. This is something
you may want to test. 

Step 2. 
Decide how often you want to send email. 

This step will be important because if you send email too
frequently, your subscribers may decide to opt out of your list.
However, if you send email too infrequently you run the risk of
subscribers forgetting they ever signed up. In general it is
better to send too few email than send too many. The answer
really lies with the quality of the content of the email. If the
content is valued by the subscriber, then they will not complain
about frequent email. 

Step 3. 
Determine the best time to send email. 

This will depend upon your subscribers and will require some
testing and time to determine. Generally, email for business seem
to get the best open rates on Tuesday through Thursday, between
10 am and 2 pm. But, this can vary with different types of

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Step 4. 

Generating an email list. 

This involves setting up opt in forms on your web site and/or if
you are a retail type establishment you can have customers sign
up for your list at your place of business. To get the best
results you need to offer an incentive in exchange for the
customers email. This can take the form of free reports, white
papers or coupons and discounts. 

Step 5. 
Avoid email being filtered. 

A key point you will want to remember here will be there is no
way to guarantee that all of your email can avoid being filtered.
The best approach is to avoid using common spam words such as
"free" and avoid using "ALL CAPS". Many of the email services
offer email testing services were you can determine if your
content has a problem. then you can make changes before sending
out the email. 

Step 6. 
Writing quality content. 

This is a very important step. You always want to be giving your
readers something of quality. That is why they subscribed to your
list. If readers do not find value with the content of your email
they may not opt out, but they will stop opening it. Either way
you are not communicating with your customers. 

Email marketing is an art. You need to keep providing enough
quality content to keep your subscribers opening your email. Then
along the way you can put in a sales pitch and they will be more
likely to respond.

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