The Importance Of Keyword Research

Keywords are the actual words or phrases typed into the search
bar on a search engine. Using the correct keywords on your
website is the key to successful traffic generation. If there are
too many websites associated with your keyword, your website will
get lost in the crush and you will not get any traffic. If your
keyword is never searched your website will also not receive any

Most people spend a lot of time and money creating gorgeous
websites, but very little time on keyword research. Wouldn't it
be a shame to spend all that time and effort on the website, only
to have it be neglected and unseen? Just having a website is not
enough; you need to make sure people see it as well. With the
proper keyword research you can insure that people who are
searching online for what you have can actually find you. 

Before you create your website, take a few minutes and research
your keywords. Google has a great tool called the Google Keyword
Tool (fancy that# that can help you with your keyword research.
Once you have thought about the keyword you are planning to use,
go to the keyword tool and type in the keyword or phrase. If you
have several keywords in mind, you can type them all in at the
same time. Just put one per line in the search box you find

After you complete the "captcha" #text, numbers, and symbols you
must type in the box to prove you're human), you will see a
spreadsheet generated by the Google Keyword Tool. On this
spreadsheet is all the information you will need to make sure
your keyword will work. You will see just how often that keyword
is searched ... both globally and locally. You can see how many
websites are associated with that keyword by clicking on the
keyword in the list the tool generates. If you see the keyword
you had thought about using just isn't right, there is a list of
keyword ideas generated as well. 

Frequently the keyword ideas generated by the keyword tool can
point you in the right direction. Sometimes it's best to look at
these suggestions and see if there isn't something that you may
not have considered previously. Maybe there will be a keyword
that is searched more often and with less competition than the
keyword you were going to use in the first place. 

For most people, keyword research is not nearly as fun as
creating the website. But it's definitely worth taking the time
and putting in a bit of effort on your keyword research right
from the start. It really is worth it to get this right. 

Remember: your keyword research will lead to the right people
arriving at your website. Those people will be looking for
exactly what you have to offer.

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