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Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

The best type of advertising has three characteristics. It is free, impactful and viral.
What kind of advertising fulfills all three characteristics? Word of mouth! It is free
because it is spontaneous, unsolicited and natural. It is impactful because the persons
spreading it were impacted and they spread the news out of their own impacted emotions.
And it is extremely viral because it spreads exponentially. Imagine if your blog posts
could be passed around this way.

What kind of blog post can achieve such a viral nature? A viral blog can be one of
several kinds:

1. A HOW TO blog post

The HOW TO blog post shows the reader how to do something that many people want to know.
If you know how to do something that most people do not, you could post a step-by-step
guide on how to do it to your blog. Once the right people discover your blog post, they
will naturally and spontaneously spread your blog post to others. You could write about
how to speak in public, how to write HTML, how to play the piano by ear, how to take great
photos etc. There are literally thousands of 'how to' things you could post about.

2. A UNIQUE TWIST blog post

This type of blog post is closely related to the first HOW TO type. This is where you
blog about something that is common knowledge but you put your own unique twist to it,
something that most people have never thought of. It may well be totally contrary to
conventional practice. One example is article marketing. The conventional practice in
article marketing is where you write articles and submit them to article directories. But
if you have a better and more effective way of article marketing, post about it in your
blog. For example, instead of submitting articles to directories, you could offer your
articles to blog owners or newsletter owners in your niche. Tell them they can make your
article available to their readers for free as long as no changes are made to any of the
content. This way you get much more targeted readers reading your article and more
powerful link juice back to your blog because it comes from another blog that is related
to your own instead of from a general article directory.

3. A HOT REVIEW blog post

This type of post follows the principle of the early bird catching the worm. This is
where you blog about the latest hot topic in your niche and give an honest appraisal of
what is good and what is bad about whatever is happening. Since the topic is new,
virtually no one has much knowledge, much less a view about it. This works tremendously
well for political blogs. But the review can also be about the hottest gadget or the
latest book or the newest trend in your niche. One great place where you can find out the
latest happenings is Google Trends. If you are the first to blog about whatever is
happening, you can capture the initial interest of the public and people will start
passing your blog post around like wildfire. When that wave dies down, simply find the
next sizzling development and review it and the process repeats itself.

These are just three ways you can make your blog viral. Obviously, you will not succeedevery time, but if you keep at it, you will hit the jackpot sooner or later. And as a
result, the readership of your blog experiences an exponential spurt of growth.


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