Does Free Or Cheap Advertising Work?

When you work at home, you might soon discover that having an online business requires advertising. I'm not saying that paid advertising doesn't work - but what about free or cheap advertising?

I know from experience without a doubt that free or cheap advertising does work! The problem with free ads is that most of the time you have to spend hours doing them manually. It can literally take up your entire day.

I've been there. That's not to say that I don't dive in sometimes and do some just to boost my online income, but my main goal is to keep finding ways to advertise for free or at very little cost and use very little of my time.

I've found a few ways to beat the odds. Yes they do work. I have tracking results to prove it.

Here is one for example:

This site is called Rebrandable Traffic and as you can see by the dates - it takes very little time to get hits to your site and the click through does get opt-ins for my businesses. You can get very inexpensive advertising for thousands of hits and clicks to your site.


The next site is a lifetime site called Adver Blast. You pay one low price for a lifetime and you can post 5 URLs and get hits for a lifetime. You can change the URLs at anytime. So it's free advertising for life. You just pay the one low time set up fee. I paid only $27.00! And I can post the links that go to thousands and thousands each day forever.

Below is an example of places they will show your url to and the reason they can is because it's all automatic. They set it up for a low price and the rest is automatic free advertising.

I have a few more that I will introduce over the my next postings, but as for today I will be spending the rest of the day watching some good movies until it's time for supper! :)


If you don't want to bother with the tactics and just want some advertising right now - I will provide my own services as shown below. You will be able to track your links and hits and I'll do the rest.


Select the package you wish to purchase from the listing below.
After you select the package, click on the "buy now" button to proceed to Paypal secure cart.
Proceed through Paypal ordering process and complete the order.
You will be given a link to view your stats after your ads are approved

The PayPal ordering system will allow you to order by credit card.
You do NOT need a Paypal account to order with your credit card.
When Paypal asks you to login in, select continue without account.

The larger the package, the better the cost per visitor sent.
I strive to deliver the best possible traffic at the lowest possible cost.





Bronze1,000 Visitors1,000$14    $12
Silver5,000 Visitors5,000$44    $39
Ruby25,000 Visitors25,000$74    $66  
Gold50,000 Visitors50,000$124   $111
Diamond100,000 Visitors100,000$164   $147
Platinum200,000 Visitors200,000$234   $209

One Credit Means 1 Guaranteed Visitor So 1,000 Credits Mean 1,000 Guaranteed Visitors and so on.

*No Illegal Sites
*No Pornographic Sites
*No Violent Sites

*Use Common Sense

Choose Your Package

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